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Need a website? You’ve come to the right place. We create beautiful, custom, high-performing sites for businesses in every niche.

From a single landing page, to robust membership and content-driven sites, our skills and intimate knowledge of search engines will leave you with a site that your audience loves… and search engines cannot ignore.

Call us if you’re thinking of updating your site, or if you’re frustrated with a website that’s not delivering customers and sales. We’ll tell you how to fix it, and give you a free quote for the perfect solution that addresses your individual needs.



Using what you know, strategically, to create value and attract your ideal audience so that they ultimately become customers is what content marketing is all about.

It’s an ongoing process of communication between you, your customers, and your prospects, that allows you to share your knowledge without selling. Instead of pitching, you deliver information that educates your buyer.

Intelligent buyers feel involved and ultimately reward you with both their business and their loyalty.


97% of all consumers use online media to research products or services. This includes videos, search engines, social media, and mobile web technologies.

The marketing paradigm has shifted from one-way “push” messaging to multi-point conversations. And these conversations happen online… whether you participate or not.

If you haven’t adapted your strategy, you will be left behind. What’s your marketing goal? How do you capture the people looking for your products and services? Want some help?


Like to do it yourself? …Want to learn from the experts? Jeanius Marketing offers workshops – in person and online – on a variety of marketing topics.

Our workshops are exciting, hands-0n, results-driven sessions that will show you exactly what to do and what tools to use to get the job done. Our methods are proven — we use them ourselves to deliver results that exceed our client’s expectations.

Check out our monthly schedule and join us. We make it easy and fun!

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If you want to talk strategy — the kind that will leverage your business to a completely different place — call me. I will happily give you 15 minutes of my time, a quick opinion on your strategy, and a few tips and pointers that may change your outlook on it all. Whether you’re thinking about updating your website, or wondering why Facebook isn’t working for your business, I can shine a light on the problem and offer you a solution that works.

What have you got to lose? The call is free.

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